As an actor, writer and director, Christiaan Olwagen has garnered experience in short plays, cabaret, comedy, drama, puppet theatre, musicals, physical theatre and short films for television. JOHNNY IS NIE DOOD NIE is his first film. He made his debut performance on stage when he was 7 years old and at the age of 14, he wrote and directed his first play. He went on to study Drama at Stellenbosch University and completed an Honours degree in Acting and Directing and won the Fleur Du Cap award for “Most Promising Student” in 2008 for his portrayal of the “Emcee” in the musical “Cabaret”.

In 2012 He also starred in “Kind Hamlet” opposite Binge. He also produced the Ibsen classic “A Doll’s House”. In this production Birrie le Roux did the designing and Charl-Johan Lingenfelder wrote the music and Christiaan Olwagen directed – the same award winning team assembled for JOHNNY IS NIE DOOD NIE. Roelof’s film credits are “Four Corners”  2013) and “Twee Grade van Moord” (2015). He is currently concentrating on film production.

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