The entire film JOHNNY IS NIE DOOD NIE was shot on the Arriflex Alexa camera with prime lenses on a PRO Steadicam MK III rig operated by DOP Chris Vermaak who is well known (internationally) for his Steadicam work. He was the obvious choice for director Olwagen to achieve a theatrical style of rehearsal on set and to execute the director’s vision of continuous movement whilst shooting. One particular scene in JOHNNY IS NIE DOOD NIE that stands out as a cinematic achievement is the only scene in the film that features a large cast.

It is full of complicated set ups and is shot in one long continuous take. It is referred to as the party scene and vignettes metaphorically take the audience down Lewis Carrol’s Rabbit Hole and like Alice in Wonderland, a drowsy LISA encounters the Cheshire Cat, a Mad Hatter Tea-Party, Croquet Ground, flamingos LISA White Rabbit, a bottle labelled “DRINK ME” and a “caterpillar” smoking a hookah towards who she admits to her current identity crisis. This continuous take featuring amongst others the whole cast, two rock bands, an accordion player, a violinist, an opera singer a full university choir is 13 minute long!

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